has lofty goals. It is working to refine DNA study to help people learn exactly what specific tribes or cultural groups they descend from. It’s purpose is not to get one hooked up with one’s cousins and immediate ancestors. As far as I’ve found this is a group that hopes to be able to define which Indian tribe you descend from as an example. This is not an easy task.  In the case of the North American Indian, specific DNA points have not yet been found to discern each of the tribes. This is the premier company for discerning Indian Tribes currently and they can now determine if you had Apache, Navajo, Sioux and Chipewaw ancestry.  The Mayan category interested me here also.

Please be aware that if you participate in DNATribes, it will give you your top 20 major cultural backgrounds including percentages of each in your DNA.  They list your cultural mixes in somewhat hard to understand scientific terms. They also warn that if your major cultural group is not one of the 4000 or so they’ve tested, your results won’t seem to be accurate at all. In this case the top 20 group listings for you will simply be your minor cultural backgrounds. This could be why individual responses on the net to this company have not necessarily been favorable. Keep in mind, it is a new art and databases are going to need to grow to gain accuracy in the information they can give as to one’s specific cultural origins. In other words, using DNATribes will help further the work and possibly verify that you are descended from a particular tribe or culture that you’d heard stories of. It will not be the company you want to go with if you hope to find your ancestors through DNA testing.

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