is the best site on the net for obituary and death notices in the United States.   I say this because it has more newspaper obituary and death notices than any other site on the net.  Even better, you can search for the obituaries of family members by name, state, title of newspaper or date.

How does charge for these documents?  First, you can search the site all you want for free.  If you find matches that you want the full obituary for, you can purchase them in two ways.  1) You may choose to purchase a copy of each obituary for a small nominal fee or 2) You may subscribe on a monthly basis.  Their subscriptions give you full access up to 100 obituaries per month.  Note to the wise: This is a site like many that extends your monthly subscription unless you cancel it.

You’ll like the layout at  It’s simple and easy to understand.  I personally find the print size a bit small.   If you have the same problem, there is a simple fix.  Hold down the CTRL key and hit the + sign on your keyboard multiple times.   The writing will get larger every time you hit the plus symbol.   Cool, eh?   It works on most sites too when searching the net, so I hope this note added a tool to your toolbox.

Once you’ve found matches, you’ll be directed to the payment options listed above.   ObitsArchive indexes the obituaries from many, many newspaper titles across the U.S. by region.   That too is an advantage as they will show you matches for the region in the state your searching is in.  This site will be a great resource if you are trying to fill in the information for persons who passed in the last century or so.   You’ll likely gain information on their birth, marriage, death, parents, spouses, and descendants.   I find obituaries fill in more information quickly than any other resource.   If it was me, I’d be going for the 1 month subscription at

to zero in on my ancestor’s obituaries for a short period of time.

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I've been an avid genealogist for my lifetime. I caught the "bug" from my father's stories about my ancestor, Marmaduke Coate, who bought his wife from the Indians for a horse, bridle and saddle. As a librarian, I'm combining these two interest areas to guide the family historian to the best on the net in genealogy. So that you know my background, I have been interviewed multiple times by radio stations across the country and have been the guest speaker at various Genealogy Society meetings including Franklin County, Ohio on Genealogy Software Programs and Online Genealogy. My extensive family tree, a labor of love for over 30 years is at Maybe we are related!
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  1. ArkieAnnie says:

    I’m a newbie, having found this site unexpectedly. I’m looking forward to Linda’s tips and reviews, hoping I’ll improve my search strategies and stop hitting dead ends.

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