Legacy Family Tree software

for the family genealogist is my all time favorite program for family tree organization and publication.

Like the other top selling programs, it has all the essential features. It is the only program I’ve found that gives you total flexibility. An example is that it has different ways to word different familial relationships. If a child is from an unmarried couple or adopted, the language respectfully changes per type of relationship. You can also add your own wording choices. Legacy’s flexibility is a real plus when publishing one’s family tree via print or electronic methods too.

Even better, Legacy has a free version where you can try it out to see if you like it.  You can use this version as long as you want. It will enable you to enter your family’s individuals, chart them, add biographical data and do all the basic things that all good genealogy programs should do. Once it passes this first test though, it’s likely that you’ll want all the additional features that come with their inexpensive Legacy Family Tree Deluxe version. Examples include:

  • Quality Webinars. (Free Instructional Online Seminars)
  • Unlimited number of individual records in the database.
  • Unlimited biography size per individual.
  • Full range of attractive genealogy reports & charts.
  • Complete professional sourcing fields that is a rare find amongst genealogy software programs.
  • Book and Internet publication that can be designed to your taste. I recommend their “Pedigree” format for an Internet web page as it allows the viewer to see each individual’s immediate ancestors and descendants on the same screen. It also can index your web page in two different formats. You can see a sample of a web page created with their software at http://www.ancestrees.com.  Everything in the right hand frame of the “Ancestrees” web page was created with Legacy Family Tree. It’s my family tree by the way, so let me know if we are related. If you prefer to publish your information in book form, their book publication function organizes and creates all the pages including the table of contents, family tree pages, photos, sources and indexes. They’ve thought of almost everything.
  • Legacy Deluxe has a great relationship calculator that tells exactly how any two people in your database are related, and how many times and ways they are related.
  • They include a full world gazetteer with their deluxe version that is coordinated to time. This is significant. What this means is that when you enter an event with a town, county and state, if that town was not in that county on that date, it will automatically tell you – ex. “Orange County was not founded until 1878″….. It will also let you look up the county that any town is in.
  • They have a wonderfully priced cruise each year that has all kinds of included genealogy workshops while out of port.
  • LegacyFamilyTree provides free tech support. Even if they are busy, they will get back to you with knowledgeable help by email and/or phone! It’s a U.S. based company too.

For a quality product, check out:

Legacy Family Tree


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I've been an avid genealogist for my lifetime. I caught the "bug" from my father's stories about my ancestor, Marmaduke Coate, who bought his wife from the Indians for a horse, bridle and saddle. As a librarian, I'm combining these two interest areas to guide the family historian to the best on the net in genealogy. So that you know my background, I have been interviewed multiple times by radio stations across the country and have been the guest speaker at various Genealogy Society meetings including Franklin County, Ohio on Genealogy Software Programs and Online Genealogy. My extensive family tree, a labor of love for over 30 years is at http://www.ancestrees.com. Maybe we are related!
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