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has a DNA service that is growing in popularity. They offer 2 basic tests, the male Y-DNA at 33 or 46 points of DNA and the female mtDNA. Males are the only ones that can make use of the Y-DNA test which tells them the points that will match cousins who have a common father’s, father’s, father’s father down the line. If there are no adoptions in one’s line, then these points will also match the surname carried by the person being tested. AncestryDNA has two different levels of testing that can be done for their male participants. You can start with the 33 point test and upgrade to the 46 point test if you need further detail when comparing notes with a cousin.

DNA Testing by Ancestry also provides an mtDNA test which tells males and females the common points that their mother’s, mother’s, mother’s side has. In other words, it will match you with cousins from your mother’s side.

Both tests are the basic ones created to help you find cousins with whom you can share family history to help verify your ancestors. Hopefully one of the cousins you get matched with will have traced the lineage back further than you, benefiting your research.

It’s possible to order both test types if you are male to find as many cousin matches as possible. The main reason persons want to find cousin matches is to verify their common ancestors and solidify their lineage.

The other strong reason to get into family DNA projects like Ancestry’s is that it often can help you determine when you are barking up the wrong family tree so to speak. It can save you years in false research with one simple test.

As far as testing goes, it’s a simple cheek swab one receives in a kit after signing up. Easy does it.

If you decide to go with DNA by Ancestry, it is important to note that this company does not nearly have as large a gene database as the forerunner in this field which is FamilyTreeDNA. Ancestry’s database is growing quickly however. It’s main draw is that the tester can share one’s tree easily through the family tree projects on Ancestry.

The person who participates in the AncestryDNA project should also be aware that they don’t test the exact same points as other genetic companies. This is not unusual. Most companies tend to have a few points that are specific to their labs. If one has points that match a Family Surname project in their competition’s FamilyTreeDNA service, the participant also needs to know that they will be able to join the FamilyTreeDNA service by paying a small fee to transfer into one of their Family Surname projects.

A word to the wise, before you decide what company to go with, do a search in your favorite search engine like the following: “(Your Surname) family DNA project” to see what company/ies already have family members testing so that you can participate with the matching company for that surname project.  It will save you a little money and a little hassle.

I have personally learned a lot through DNA testing. As a female I had to find a male relative with my maiden name as his surname that could test for my male DNA points. I paid.  He tested.   That worked just fine.

DNA by Ancestry

is the 2nd most popular genetic genealogy company so it will still be the right place to go if you are an Ancestry subscriber or if that is where your surname’s family DNA project is.


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