formerly known as KindredConnections, is worthy of it’s name change. It now boasts over a billion records. It is the type of resource that you can join to post your family tree as well as research it. My favorite feature is one where you can earn your subscription fee by helping to extract original documents. Too me, that’s like getting paid for being a volunteer that helps other genealogists. I thought it was a great idea. You can find this option under “My Account – Pay with extraction hours.”

Here are samples of their featured databases.

Total Ancestry Archive™ Names:    537,088,423
Family Tree Names: 283,400,865
1930 US Federal Census Names: 106,016,291
Social Security Death Index Names: 86,029,291
1860 US Federal Census Names: 25,123,623
Internet Names: 20,655,310
Other Flat Record Names: 4,659,837
US Civil War Record Names: 4,050,069
US Naturalization Record Names: 3,684,325
US Revolutionary War Pension Application File Names: 3,468,812

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I've been an avid genealogist for my lifetime. I caught the "bug" from my father's stories about my ancestor, Marmaduke Coate, who bought his wife from the Indians for a horse, bridle and saddle. As a librarian, I'm combining these two interest areas to guide the family historian to the best on the net in genealogy. So that you know my background, I have been interviewed multiple times by radio stations across the country and have been the guest speaker at various Genealogy Society meetings including Franklin County, Ohio on Genealogy Software Programs and Online Genealogy. My extensive family tree, a labor of love for over 30 years is at Maybe we are related!
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