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Fold3 is growing by the millions of pages monthly!  It is named Fold3 to denote that it’s focus is on military records.   At the writing of this review, it had over 423 million image records.  Remember how time consuming it was to send away for Revolutionary War Pension records or any military record? Well it’s time to celebrate.  Fold3 focuses on original historical and military records from the National Archives, “most never before available on the Internet, relating to the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, and WWII.”  Most family historians find military records of significant assistance in helping round out one’s family tree. They can also help us get back another generation by listing places lived and additional family members. Fold3 is a fantastic resource for this.  These are original documents. There are many free first hand military resources on the site that can be searched also.  You’ll enjoy the fact that they also include info on historical newspapers, naturalization documents, pension records, census records, city directories and state archive databases too.

The other unique part of Fold3 is that it combines social networking and historical research.   Members share their perspectives and histories in a way that can lead to less work and more documentation for everyone. Even better, Fold3 has a low subscription fee and has a monthly or yearly subscription rate.  is one of the most popular genealogy research sites now because it’s a plethora of indexed first hand imgaes that can help one find birth, immigration history, marriage, military, occupation and death records on one’s family.

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