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is THE ONLY Genetic Genealogy site that NOW meets FDA standards. Having a DNA test done with them results in “60 personalized and detailed health, wellness, trait and ancestry reports.” In other words, if you want to find cousins from around the world, greatly increase your understanding of your family tree AND learn about your HEALTH in regards to your DNA, they are the only company that can do it all. There is good news too for persons whom have already taken their simple spit into a vile test. You’ll be receiving all these additional HEALTH reports in the near future too! Yeahhhh.  The bottom line is if you want a DNA company that helps you with understanding your health and your family tree, this is it!

Even though I can’t wait till the new health results come out,  I also think this company is top-notch for family history’s sake too.  One of it’s charts is an attractive graphic that shows you what your ethnic background mix is. It does this in understandable ethnic descriptions which I prefer over the DNAtribes technical descriptors.  It also is fantastic for providing links to many first hand documents about your ancestors after you’ve submitted basic info on your family tree. These first hand records are what is needed to prove your ancestral relationships when you want to join various genealogical societies. They also suggest additional whole branches to be added to your family tree.

Did you know that the 23andMe DNA test is great for both males and females because they help members find cousins on all of their branches, not just their father’s father’s side or their mother’s mother’s side? To top that off, they provide space on their servers for members to upload their family trees for no additional charge. This company now has a great edge over it’s competitors.

23and Me

was named “The Invention of the Year” by Times Magazine in 2008, when the cost was $399. Currently, it now only costs $199.00 making personal genetic analysis accessible to everyone.  Learn more at:




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I've been an avid genealogist for my lifetime. I caught the "bug" from my father's stories about my ancestor, Marmaduke Coate, who bought his wife from the Indians for a horse, bridle and saddle. As a librarian, I'm combining these two interest areas to guide the family historian to the best on the net in genealogy. So that you know my background, I have been interviewed multiple times by radio stations across the country and have been the guest speaker at various Genealogy Society meetings including Franklin County, Ohio on Genealogy Software Programs and Online Genealogy. My extensive family tree, a labor of love for over 30 years is at http://www.ancestrees.com. Maybe we are related!
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