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has a DNA service now has 2,000,000 participants.  That’s twice it’s rival companies.  It’s a real advantage because it will mean more cousin matches for you when you join them.

Here are the key points to consider when choosing them:

  • Like 23andMe, they use autosomal DNA testing which enables you to study common ancestors typically within the most recent six generations on both your trees to find solid cousin matches and with less accuracy further back.
  • It will help you find cousins through all your ancestors on all your lines.
  • It has the easiest visual layout to study the surnames for matching cousin lines and their trees.
  • It allows participants to look up any particular surname being studied among one’s possible cousins.
  • Each cousin screen gives an easy link for contacting them through Ancestry.
  • Be aware, if you want to see all of these cousin matches, you will need to subscribe to Ancestry.  This is pretty similar to how 23andMe works also with MyHeritage.
  • It is strictly a testing company for genealogy. No health reports are included here.
  • It is the ONLY one of the 3 major companies that does not include a way to see the common segments of DNA to prove beyond doubt ancestral lines.  This will be an advantage to some and a disadvantage to those whom have learned how to use DNA to prove ancestral lines through triangulation.
  • Their DNA circles show you likely ancestors that you are related to via cousin DNA matches.  It requires you to add your tree to their database to take advantage of it. It will give you a rating for the certainty of each circle.
  • It will give you a current and updated projection of the percentages of your DNA’s ethnic break downs whether you subscribe or not.   It’s the only company that has ascertained DNA points for Irish ancestry that I’ve seen as of 2017.  I also noticed that it had the best breakdown for African countries that I’ve seen.

Two strong reasons to get into family DNA projects like Ancestry’s are: 1) It can help you figure out which theory is the correct branching on a difficult line and 2) It can help you determine when you are barking up the wrong family tree so to speak. It can save you years in false research with one simple submission.

I often get asked, which company should I go with? It turns out, that I now believe we don’t even have to choose between the companies.  DNA testing has become so useful for this research, that the more companies you can participate in, the better.   It means you’ll find more cousins on your dead end lines to help break them open again.  It’s wonderful. May I also suggest, that if you currently have both parents living, have them tested in your place as that will allow you to get more solid cousin matches at least one generation further back.

As far as testing goes, it’s a simple spit into a vial test. Easy does it.

DNA by Ancestry

is by far the most popular genetic genealogy company. Explore and find out why!


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