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Family DNA studies have all the buzz in the genealogy world. The study of Genetic Genealogy was founded by Bennett Greenspan in 1999 with the formation of Family Tree DNA. There are several companies out there doing this research now.

What is involved in getting a DNA test? It typically takes ordering a test kit, swabbing one’s saliva or spitting saliva into a vial, sending the kit back in and waiting about a month for results. Cousins are matched up if they’ve stated that they want to correspond with other cousins.

What can participation in these projects do for you? When you find new cousins to share family tree research with, your exchange can lead to breakthroughs in discovering whom your ancestors are. One cousin might be further back than you in their research. The test won’t tell you who your common ancestor is, but often when you share information, you can figure that out. DNA sample comparisons can also determine which family tree theories are likely correct and which simply aren’t. You can stop wasting time on theories that aren’t correct. Testing will also tell you the ancient patterns of your origin and what major regions of the world your ancestors migrated through. It certainly spices up the genealogical exchanges.

Some companies in this area have a great advantage over others. In particular take the time to look at, the original company that brought us “Genetic Genealogy”.

Ancestry DNA has a DNA service now has 2,000,000 participants.  That’s twice it’s rival companies.  It’s a real advantage because it will mean more cousin matches for you when you join them. Here are the key points to consider when choosing … Continue reading

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FamilyTreeDNA / FTDNA

FamilyTreeDNA is the founding genetic genealogy testing company. Bennett Greenspan, was the first to realize that genetics could assist in genealogical research when he started this company. He has hired multiple Geneticists and an Anthropologist that simply keep making forefront … Continue reading

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23andMe is THE ONLY Genetic Genealogy site that NOW meets FDA standards. Having a DNA test done with them results in “60 personalized and detailed health, wellness, trait and ancestry reports.” In other words, if you want to find cousins … Continue reading

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DNATribes has lofty goals. It is working to refine DNA study to help people learn exactly what specific tribes or cultural groups they descend from. It’s purpose is not to get one hooked up with one’s cousins and immediate ancestors. … Continue reading

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